I am delighted to announce that the Rams Sports Club and the Fiddler have entered a commercial partnership from 1 April 2017. In the coming weeks, Rams members (over 18 years of age), will receive loyalty cards that can be used at the Fiddler to accumulate bonus dollars based on food and beverage spends. Bonus dollars earned, by swiping your loyalty card at the venue's cash registers, will be returned by the Fiddler to the Sports Club and its sports divisions. In addition, the Fiddler will provide monthly, and after match meal promotions that will represent great value for post match appetites. If you have a celebration planned - a birthday, family or work get-together, an engagement or even a wedding, don't hesitate to contact the Fiddler's functions team who will plan and assist with organising your special event, and don't forget to swipe your Rams loyalty card as you enjoy the atmosphere and hospitality of the Fiddler - corner Windsor and Commercial Roads, Rouse Hill.